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Welcome to

 The Gordon Coulson Information Technology Suite

Who are we and what can we offer you?

We are a UK Online centre,(for more information on UK Online, click the logo at the bottom of the page),that provides an I.T. service to the people of Esh Parish and surrounding areas on behalf of Esh Parish Council. We have modern computer systems, consisting of three Dell Vostro 320 flat - screens, two other desktop PCs and 3 Dell  lap tops, that are available for loan to anyone who is considered suitable. We also have Broadband Internet access which is great if you need to download a large file. If you are a photographer, we can provide you with an HP Photosmart integrated scanner and colour printer for photographic reproduction.

We provide I.T. Tuition ourselves, or you can just drop in if you wish to use a machine. The usage fee is £1.50 per hour and a small charge for printing.

We hope you enjoy your visit to this website. Feel free to drop in and see us at the centre.

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