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A Learner's View

I wanted to become "computer literate", so I started going to classes in January 2008 at the Institute, where they were held for 2 hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They have now been moved to The Harry Guildford Centre (used to be the Council Offices) in Thomas Street, as the Institute was no longer a viable place to keep the computers.

The I.T. teacher, David Rider started me off on Word Processing which led to Spreadsheets, Conditional Logic, Databases, scanning old photographs and then working on them to remove any damage or scratches.

The workings of the Internet came next, along with sending e-mails, how to attach pictures to be sent as well.

I have also learnt many more complicated things set as projects by David. These include building a calculator and a temperature converter by putting information into the computer to tell it what you want it to do. These I enjoyed learning about a lot. I have done a project where a computer was “cleaned out”, all programmes and information removed, and one by one, have re-installed new programmes, ready for use again - this was fascinating to do!

Since January 2008, I have learnt so much that I am very confident around computers and David is an excellent teacher – he lets you work at your own pace - but is always there with plenty of encouragement to keep you going when things don't go right.

We have a gentleman Mr. John Foster, who has been coming to the I.T. centre for approx. 5 years. He originally came to learn how to write business letters correctly, he has now written a book about Langley Park, Entertainment In Durham and one about The Theatre Royal in Newcastle. He also makes contributions to the Esh Leaves magazine. See what a letter could lead to!

David asked me if I would like to design a website for the I.T. centre and willing to give it a go I said "Yes". With a lot of assistance from David, the website was started late last year and what fun we've had sorting stuff out and putting it together, making sure everything is linked up to enable you to see what happens at the I.T. centre, what is available in our local areas, what it has to offer, and information about Langley Park itself.

From being a complete novice about computers, I can now do many, many things and the website has to be the best of all! There are still lots of things to learn and it doesn't matter how young or "mature" you are, if I can do it, so can YOU.

Come along and join us at the I.T. centre, we are a small, friendly group who like a laugh (you can't be serious all of the time). Don't be "Technologically Terrified" - see what computers can do for you!

Liz Hawxwell


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